TTIP: A risky run for a faster economic growth

Članak je napisan za potrebe EFZG-a, a nakon dorade prijavljen je na studentsko natjecanje u pisanju eseja na temu Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Esej je nagrađen drugom nagradom.

We live in the world of a strong economic growth, where the two most developed and prospered countries are the USA and EU. Our culture and economies are well developed, our life span is above world’s average, we have very strong institutions and stable politics. However, as our economies have been developing, it has been harder to achieve high GDP growth with every year. That is normal in the economy – countries with bigger GDP have smaller growth rates than the ones with smaller GDP. That also means that our daily lives are becoming better but slower than ever before. The aim is to sustain the big and stable GDP growth by all means. Many scholars consider Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership to be the tool that could lift economic relations between the countries on a higher scale, create the biggest economic integration and enhance GDP. However, can the “tool” solve the problem which would lead to a higher standard of living? There are various aspects which need to be observed in order to find solutions.

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